Historic Winton Interviews Feature in Southern FM Podcast for Austin 7 Club 70th Anniversary


Austin 7 Club 70th Anniversary Podcast Link

Graeme and Bev Logan

Austin 7 70th Anniversary Podcast - Please click here to listen at your leisure. Duration: 2 hours

Presenter of Historic Winton, the Austin 7 Club, celebrated it's 70th Anniversary on 19 January 2020.  Local community radio station, 8.3 Southern FM, presented a 2 hour live broadcast from the event, interviewing many members about their involvment and about the clubs influence on Australian motorsport.

Instigator of Historic Winton, Bill Sheehan told of how the iconic al-historic motorsport came about and has become Australia's most popular and longest-running event of it's kind.  Current Event Secretary, Peta Lee, explains her role managing the car racing and tells of the magnitude of this great event.

The full interviewee list is:

Len Kerwood, Austin 7 Club President

Ilona Booth, Austin 7 Club Life Member and the person who's probably travelled the most miles in an Austin 7 around Australia.

Bev Logan, Austin 7 Club Member since 1967

Peta Lee, life-long Austin 7 Club member and Historic Winton Event Secretary

Bill Sheehan, founder of Historic Winton

Robert Humphreys, highly active Member of the Austin 7 Club for 47 years

Andrea Casabene, Member and Coordinator of the 2022 Austin 7 National Rally, celebrating 100 years of Austin 7 in Australia.

Thanks to 88.3 Southern FM for their broadcast.

Photo: Graeme and Bev Logan at the Austin 7 Club 70th Anniversary Celebration.


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Winton Motor Raceway, near Benalla, Victoria