Full Terms and Conditions of Entry Tickets to Historic Winton

Not transferable. Not for re-sale. Not refundable.

For safety reasons, no dogs or other pets allowed.

The holder of this ticket is permitted to enter Winton Motor Raceway for the purpose of participating in or attending Historic Winton and the Meeting Director or any Police Officer on duty may revoke this permit for any reason that he/she thinks fit. IN the event that such an authorised person revokes this ticket, the holder thereof shall immediately leave the Raceway after being so notified of the revocation.

You are reminded that Motor Sport is dangerous and accidents can and do happen. All care is taken to protect you, but you are warned that there is a possibility of an accident causing injury, death or property damage. By the issue of this ticket or credential to you, you hereby accept the conditions of, and acknowledge that your entry to the race circuit has a degree of danger, and you agree:

• To Release The Austin 7 Club Inc, the Historic Motorcycle Racing Association of Victoria, Winton Motor Raceway Pty Ltd, Australian Auto-Sport Alliance Pty Ltd and any other clubs, corporations, organisations and persona having any connection with promotion organisation or conduct of Historic Winton from any liability to you arising from our participation in, or attendance at the event, except for the rights you may have under the Competition and Consumers Act 2010.

• To participate in or attend Historic Winton at your own risk.

• That vehicles are only permitted to enter the raceway and park on condition that the Austin 7 Club and Winton Motor Raceway Pty Ltd will not be liable for any loss or damage to the vehicle or its contents no matter how or where such may occur.


That the copyright of this pass [and all other personnel and vehicle passes issued by The Austin 7 Club Inc as the promoters of Historic Winton] is reserved by the Austin 7 Club Inc and any reproduction [by whatever means] is not permitted. Forgery of tickets and passes is a criminal office punishable by law.



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Winton Motor Raceway, near Benalla, Victoria