Harley Davidson vs Indian Hand Shift Battle at Historic Winton


43rd Historic Winton, Winton Motor Raceway, near Benalla, Victoria Australia

Harley Davidson vs Indian Photo: Paul StevensonConducted by the Austin 7 Club Inc A0003290N with the assistance of the HMRAV


The innovative Harley v Indian Hand Shift Battle came about as a result of a casual conversation between HMRAV members at 2014 Historic Winton ‘' What can we do that's different for this event and also create a lot of spectator interest?”

An agreement was made to create 'The Battle' which would extend over three HMRAV events each year. The Victorian Historic State Championship, Historic Winton and The Southern Classic.

All bikes are 750 ccs, side valve, V Twins with three-speed foot operated clutch and of course, hand shifts.

Points are scored on a team basis and the yearly competition is currently even with two victories each - however, Indian is currently leading in 2019, 730 points to 615.

Special T-Shirts are worn over normal riding apparel to further promote the team's event when racing.

The number of combatants is gradually increasing and the Harley v Indian Hand Shift Battle now warrants stand-alone races throughout the year.

This is a fantastic reward for those that initiated and fully supported the concept.

Congratulations to the HMRAV upon their enterprise and forward thinking


PR contact

Leanne Cutler, Siren Marketing, M: 0400 790 060


0407 330 881 - Event Secretary
Winton Motor Raceway, near Benalla, Victoria