Motorcycle Great Bob Rosenthal is Set to Thrill at 46th Historic Winton

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20 April 2023

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Motorcycle racing legend Bob Rosenthal will once again give fellow competitors a good ‘run for their money’ at 46th Historic Winton on 27th and 28th May 2023 at Winton Motor Raceway.

As an indicator of his consistent form throughout his racing life, he has won 16 of his last 18 starts and placed second and third once.

This is pretty typical of his track record, winning about 30 percent of his races and making the podium 60 percent of the time.

Rosenthal was determined to be a motorcycle racer from an early age.

“I forged my Mum’s signature a few times when I was 17 and never got picked up on it,” he said. “I was only one year too young with the legal age being 18.”

He said that he had two careers in motorcycle racing, the first commencing around 1965 for Milledge Yamaha and the second as a historic racer. 

Rosenthal retired in 1978, but the miraculous thing was that after a 35 year break, he returned with the same champion form as before.

“My second career, that commenced in 2013, only came about because I was offered to ride some nice bikes,” he said. “At Historic Winton this year, I’ll be riding a 1962 Norton ESA in the P3 500cc Unlimited races on the Saturday and Sunday.

“On the Sunday at Historic Winton, I’ll be competing in the inaugural Doug Hicks Trophy, which I’m really looking forward to,” Rosenthal said.

In 2022, Rosenthal won all four of his Historic Winton races.  But in 2021, he won two and came second and third to international champion Cameron Donald who is known for two big wins at the Isle of Mann TT Festival.

The 46th Historic Winton is Australia’s most popular and longest running historic motorsport event which includes car, motorbike and sidecar races.

Children 17 and under are free but must be booked online and accompanied by an adult.

Discounted tickets are available online from

Full priced tickets will also be available at the Huntley Street gate of Winton Motor Raceway on the weekend.


Photo courtesy of Colin Rosewarne @colinrphotography




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